Find Romance Again with Sustainable Brand, Joslin

Find Romance Again with Sustainable Brand, Joslin - Abbie James

I first discovered Joslin at the beautiful Smoke and Vanilla boutique on the Mornington Peninsula. I purchased a white knit jumper that had a beautiful neckline and unique and understated detailing.  Joslin's romance and femininity draw people in, and it did for me. One of the things I love about Joslin's designs is the transeasonal and trendless attitude that translates into pieces that can be treasured and worn on high rotation from season to season, year to year.

Down to Earth & Talented

 Joslin was founded in early 2018 in Melbourne, Australia (my hometown!) by former RMIT student, and acclaimed designer Elinor McInnes. Elinor designs discerningly with a philosophy that centres on sustainable practices to create enduring, seasonless collections crafted with natural fabrications and traditional techniques. I also have it on good command that she was as down-to-earth and friendly in her student days as she is now. Talented and down-to-earth, we love Elinor even more now!

It was a no-brainer that the AJ Boutique partnered with Joslin to bring a curation of dresses and separates just in time for the warmer weather here in Australia. The brand arrived just in time for our recent member's party and they were a hit. I particularly like the Liana 2.0 dress in a beautiful forest green but the talking point for most has been the White Hannah dress made of the softest organic cotton. 


The signature JOSLIN aesthetic is underpinned by romance, timeless elegance, and an alluring holiday vibe. The minimalist mood is complemented by feminine detailing (including signature buttons, ruffles, bows, ties, and crochet trims) and silhouettes that speak to comfort, versatility, and effortless glamour. 

When you buy a Joslin piece, you buy it for longevity. Styles are not dictated by constant changes in trends and fast fashion. Instead the Joslin aesthetic has a distinct look that is both effortless and luxurious. 


Joslin only uses textiles, yarns and raw materials that are of natural origin and traceable to the source. Joslin has due diligence in ensuring certification, traceability and authenticity, improving environmental conditions, social and ethical compliance, and carbon footprint within their Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers.


Joslin's collections are not defined by seasons that become obsolete after three months due to traditional fashion calendars. Joslin values transeasonal and enduring design elements to give garments longevity, with the belief that no garment is ever designed to be worn once. 

A beautiful woman with brown hair is standing in nature outside in front of a large tree wearing a Joslin dress with gathering detail and pleats.

Sustainability Recognition

When you read the above information about the values that this iconic Australian brand lives by it is no surprise that the Abbie James Boutique was beyond excited to give Joslin a new home in the Fitzroy boutique. Soon after Joslin and the AJ boutique partnered, we heard the news that Joslin received the sustainability award in the National Design Awards for PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival. This award just confirms the work that Elinor and her team, who are such lovely people, put in to create such an intentional, sustainable brand.

The fashion industry is rife with greenwashing. Unethical claims of sustainability are used to persuade customers to choose their products over others. Voicing questionable sustainable and ethical claims to persuade us to put our money in their pockets.

It is refreshing to see that brands such as Joslin are leading the way with strong values, integrity and authenticity. You can find the AJ curation of Joslin in our Fitzroy boutique and online. 

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