Abbie James brand


A passionate campaigner against the fast fashion industry, environmentalist and fashion designer, Abbie James, is changing the fashion industry from the inside out. 

Combining her love of fabrics and design with her environmentalist roots, Abbie has created a luxury, sustainable womenswear brand that offers ultra-transparency with exceptional craftmanship.

With the fashion industry in crisis, Abbie knew she needed to use her skills to make a change. One in three young women (the biggest segment of consumers) consider garments worn once or twice to be old and with the fashion industry being one of the greatest poluters for our planet (greater than all international flights, maritime and shipping combined) Abbie is calling for change.

Offering transparency and accountability in an industry that is anything but honest, Abbie is looking towards a future where clothing is loved and cherished and craftsmanship is honoured over cheap labour. 

Connect with Abbie through her newsletter and her Instagram @abbiejames.official