Three Purchasing Stages to Sustainable Living - Abbie James

Three Purchasing Stages to Sustainable Living

The choices we make have a huge impact on our sustainable living journey. Being in control of these choices is your first step in living a more sustainable existence. Abbie goes through the three steps to choosing to purchase more sustainably.

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Interview with Balancing the Grind on Work-Life Balance - Abbie James

Interview with Balancing the Grind on Work-Life Balance

Recently I was interviewed by Balancing the Grind on work-life balance. It's such a hot topic at the moment and rightly so. For me, it's less about balance and more about what works for me at a particular time. My priorities change, sometimes work is a priority and personal and family life takes a back seat. Other times, work is put on hold for my family. There is no set formula. A lot of pressure is put on us to try to find the perfect balance. I'll take give and take any day, who wants to strive for perfection? Definitely not me.

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Imperfect Environmentalist

An Imperfect Environmentalist

I can pinpoint the exact moment I decided to become an environmentalist. I remember the day so well. My eldest daughter was about 6 months old and ...

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A Story of Acceptance - Abbie James

A Story of Acceptance

My story may be similar to yours. It's a story with a history of wanting to change parts of my body that couldn't be changed. It's a way most of us...

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Famous Fashion Designers

You Are An Influencer

I am taking my fashion designer hat off for a moment and putting my environmentalist hat on. I'm assuming you and I are alike, we want the planet t...

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How I Detoxed My Scent - Abbie James

How I Detoxed My Scent

I remember when I became a new mum and I learnt it was a thing for people not to wear perfum to visit the new baby. It makes a lot of sense. That overwhelming scent cloud of perfume in a room, imagine what this is like for a baby.

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