We believe no person should suffer for the gain of another, which is why we ensure all individuals in our supply chain receive a living wage. Beyond fair pay, we create a supportive and respectful working environment for every artisan. We value transparency, mutual respect, and the unique skills of our makers, celebrating their craftsmanship. By fostering long-term relationships, we promote sustainability and preserve invaluable skills for future generations. Our commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility embodies true luxury through integrity in every piece we offer.


We believe transparency in the fashion industry is vital for progressing towards a sustainable future. It empowers customers to make informed decisions and ensures they purchase from brands that align with their values. At Abbie James, we are committed to offering full transparency regarding the materials we use, our supply chain, and our manufacturing processes, both now and in the future.


Creating garments that can be worn for years and handed down through generations is at the heart of the Abbie James brand. We believe clothing should be treasured, not discarded, and this philosophy is integral to our design process.


We are driven to find creative solutions in our use of responsible materials, including remnant and deadstock textiles, natural and compostable fabrics, and ensuring their traceability. We prioritize using recycled and compostable packaging, including our swing tags. Every item used in our design and manufacturing processes is carefully considered and analyzed for its sustainability.


We believe every size is beautiful and are dedicated to offering sizing inclusivity. We are actively working to expand our size range in the near future. To further enhance inclusivity, we offer alterations to the lengths of many items in our collection. We strive to represent diverse sizes, ages, and nationalities through our models, reflecting the true beauty and diversity of our community.