Our Manufacturing

Abbie James is designed in Melbourne, our patterns are drafted in melbourne, our garments are made in Melbourne and everything is sent to you from Melbourne. We use self employed, independant makers who dictate their own prices.

We keep our cuttings from the design and manufacturing process and anything that is not able to be used, we recycled through Upparel.

Ecologi Partner

At Abbie James we plant one tree for every purchase made on our website. Globally we deforest 10 million hectares per year. Partnering with Ecologi means we are able to support their efforts in restoring habitats in their science based approach to reforesting the planet.

Packaging and Shipping

At Abbie James, our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our business, including shipping and packaging. All mailers and promotional materials are made from recycled and compostable materials, allowing you to reuse, recycle, or compost them when you receive your Abbie James purchase.


We believe every size is beautiful and are dedicated to offering sizing inclusivity. We are actively working to expand our size range in the near future. To further enhance inclusivity, we offer alterations to the lengths of many items in our collection. We strive to represent diverse sizes, ages, and nationalities through our models, reflecting the true beauty and diversity of our community.


Each piece in the Abbie James collection is crafted with purpose and care, a commitment we hope you carry forward when you own an Abbie James item. Soon, we will offer repairs and a resale take-back scheme, aiming to facilitate this through an online platform.