An Interview with Powerhouse Tory Archbold from Powerful Steps - Abbie James

An Interview with Powerhouse Tory Archbold from Powerful Steps

An Interview with Powerhouse Tory Archbold from Powerful Steps

Tory Archbold is a woman of intention and delivery.

Tory proves that you can have a successful career while living an authentic value-led life. She is the founder and CEO of PR agency Torstar and Powerful Steps, a mentoring program for high vibrational women. She is also the host of the popular podcast Powerful Stories where she interviews women with incredible stories to share. Tory shares some of her secrets to living an authentic, value-led life.


You created a global PR agency Torstar from scratch using a borrowed laptop and your bedroom as your office. How did you go from such humble beginnings to such phenomenal success? 

It was a borrowed computer!  One of those clunky IBM ones in a one-bedroom flat in Paddington. In my early 20s I wanted to partner with the world’s top performing retailers to connect, learn and evolve with what I was truly passionate about – creating and building brands through the power of storytelling.  I had returned from London with the experience of working with some of the best media companies and discovered there was nothing like that in my hometown so I decided to create this ideal ‘role’ I wanted and that is how TORSTAR was born.  I created the business with zero dollars in my bank account and no media connections.  What I did have was self-belief and my value set (passion, integrity, delivery) which set up the foundations for my business success.  I believed in the power of connection and committed to 3 coffee dates a week to build a global network. These 3 core belief systems built a business and reputation attracting the world top performing retailer’s, celebrities and influencers.

You did this all while being a single Mum. How did you navigate motherhood and business in such a fast-paced industry? 

For 12 years of my career I was a single mum and would not change that experience for anything. When we face challenges, either personally or professionally we rise and that’s exactly what happened.  My daughter came first and I learnt to trust the process and people who surrounded me. The challenges we faced transformed us into who we are today and the one thing I did was never give up.

You have now moved on from Torstar and have created Powerful Steps. Was there a catalyst that helped you make the decision to change direction?

In life you learn to trust the process of new beginnings – in the lead up to this decision I felt a shift in what I wanted the next journey of my life to look like.  I had been part of the process of building many powerful brands and I wanted to switch this talent to people. As women in business, we are the brand and I knew I could use my experience to empower others along the highway of life.

You often talk about authenticity. Why do you feel this is so important?

Integrity is a core value personally and professionally – I have always been a truth seeker. Being authentic is about trust and respect, standing by your values and aligning with others who value integrity. If I am going to represent a brand or person I want to know that they hold this value close to their heart too.  For me this is where the power of what you are meant to create in this lifetime becomes clear.  You follow the truth, and the rest unfolds the way it’s meant to because when people trust you they also respect you.

What advice would you give to someone who feels like they want to make a change but doesn't know how?

A small step is a powerful step.  The fact that you are looking for change means you are ready for change – just do it.

Your Podcast Powerful Stories has become successful so quickly. How do you choose your guests? 

Along the highway of life I have met entrepreneurs to CEOs to influencers and beyond.  They have powerful stories of success and survival and I felt by sharing their extraordinary life experiences aka their highs and lows, near misses and great wins it would empower others to take their own powerful steps too.

Have you got a stand out lesson you have learnt from talking to so many strong women on your show?

It’s never too late to start again.

Is there someone you would love to interview that you haven't had the opportunity to yet?

Oprah – she has the ability to bring out the best in others and always see’s the possibility in a challenge.

Have you got a non-negotiable ritual that you do each day? 

My morning shower routine which I was taught by a Buddhist monk in Thailand many years ago. 3 drops of lavender oil on my decollage, inhale / exhale 3 times which grounds you to the energy of the day.  I find this calms your mind, body and soul to receive with ease the messages you need to set yourself up for success.  Some of my best decisions have been made during this ritual. It’s a gamechanger and I teach it to others in our Business Attraction Program as the results speak for themselves.


And what about a book, is there a standout book that has helped you get to where you are today?

My home is a shrine to all the books I love for different reasons and they have contributed to the woman I am today, I will never stop reading or learning. For anyone looking to get to the next level of life there is one standout I recommend – The Courage to be Disliked By Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga.  It’s about how to transform and achieve true happiness showing you how to strip it all back to what matters most.

What is something that most people don't know about you?

I am a terrible cook.  Thankfully my husband is a superstar in the kitchen.

Connect with Tory Archbold through her website, her Instagram @powerfulsteps and Linkedin Tory Archbold.