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You Are An Influencer

You Are An Influencer

I am taking my fashion designer hat off for a moment and putting my environmentalist hat on. I'm assuming you and I are alike, we want the planet to be in a better state than what it is right now. I am also going to assume that you would like to be part of this change for good. But how? You are just one person. And right now you have things to do. You are late for work. You're hosting a dinner party tonight. You need to shop for said dinner party. You're busy.


The Female Economy


So, how can you make a big difference without dedicating the time that you simply don't have to it. It's easy, and you will still have time to pick up your groceries on the way home from work.


If you are a female then you control the majority of the worlds consumer spending, that's over $20 trillion annually. This means the large majority of people who are choosing what is used in the home such as groceries, furniture, appliances and clothing are women. Women even buy more men's clothing than men do. A-hem, can you see how influential women can be? Like, seriously influential. And men (or whichever gender you prefer to go by), if you are the main decision-maker in this department then this applies to you too. 


We have huge pulling power when it comes to what is used in the home. The question is how do you want to use this power? By choosing the products that are coming into your house intentionally and ethically you are positively influencing those around you. Likewise, if you are choosing unsustainable items, you are also influencing your family members, just in a negative way. In my family, I can vouch that this does not only relate to the items I personally choose (force) my family to use. My husband regularly chooses natural deodorant and toothpaste now. One small step for our family, one giant leap for mankind. 


Your Friends Are Watching


This doesn't stop at your immediate family either. Friends and co-workers love recommendations of products. It saves them having to do their own research, the human race love to take the easy way out. When they see you using sustainable and ethical products, they notice. You influence them. 


Be the change you want to see in the world. People are watching. Now go host your organic dinner party and tell your friends about the local vegetables they are eating and see what seed you plant in their minds.