Are all of your stocked brands sustainable? 

Each of the brands stocked in Abbie James are chosen for their ethical and sustainability practices. You can read about each brand and their philosophy by choosing a designer on the home page. 


Where are your brands located?

We have a mix of Australian and international brands all chosen for their ethical and conscious practices. 


Does Abbie James have it's own label?

Yes. The Abbie James brand is designed by founder Abbie James and can be found instore and online. 


Do you have a physical store?

Yes we do. It is located at 181 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.


I am unsure of sizing and I can't make it into your boutique, how do I know what will work for my body shape?

Contact us in store by phoning +61 3 9419 3916 and we can help you with sizing and fit. The Abbie James stylists will soon be offering complimentary virtual styling sessions. Join our newsletter to be kept up to date of when these are available. 


Your menu does not have options for men or women. How do I know what items to look at?

That's simple, you can look at all of the styles. Most styles work on both masculine and feminine body shapes. We choose not to catagorise styles into gender as we believe gender does not depict what you can wear. A lot of our brands are specifically genderless, others are traditionally feminine but work well over all body shapes, while some are traditionally feminine, but please don't let that stop you!


How does sizing work?

Most styles are female sizing. For masculine body shapes we suggest sizing up one size. Read the description of each style as this will explain how the sizing works. Our stylists are familiar with how each style works on different body shapes and we are happy to help. Simply call the boutique on 0405 193 282. Keep in mind, if it does not fit, you are welcome to exchange for a different size or style.


What is your return policy?

You can view our return policy here


What is your shipping policy?

You can view our shipping policy here.




The Abbie James Studio is proudly sustainable, but we know we can do better. We believe sustainability is a journey rather than a destination, and we will continue to advance as we constantly progress to a more sustainable future. 



We believe if you are in a position to make a positive change, then you should do everything in your power to be that change. And this is the reason why Abbie James was created, to shake up the fashion industry while offering a considered edit of luxury womenswear that is designed to be worn for years to come. 

Founder and environmentalist, Abbie James, is supporting those who are looking for accountability in an industry that is built on excess. She is offering a luxe alternative to green fashion where all aspects of the business are considered. 


Planting 1 tree for every garment sold online and in store through Ecologi.
Carbon neutral energy.
Compostable and recyclable shipping packaging, using a carbon neutral shipping company.
Giving preference to upcycled display, office equipment and furniture. 
Natural furniture made from fallen trees at Abbie’s Mornington Peninsula property.
Wrapping paper, bags and promotional material made from natural, recyclable, recycled and compostable materials, including adhesives.
Natural, locally sourced refill cleaning products purchased from local business, Gram Sustainable. 

To find out what we expect from our designers, please click here